Salvaging nutrients that otherwise would end up as waste is a substantial contribution by the agricultural system to the challenges of the ecological transformation. Opening a Bugsfarm, an insect farm, is our proposal to the best Italian and European farming enterprises.

    A Bugsfarm is a farm where agricultural products and organic by-products supplied by agribusinesses are suitably processed and used as substrates to feed soldier fly larvae, which, once grown up, are used as animal feed

    At every Bugsfarm, the bio-conversion process takes place inside patented machines - the Bioconverters -, which are climate-controlled breeding chambers where the larvae grow quickly, feeding on organic waste

    BEF Biosystems' technologies are modular, easy to use and designed to minimise biological and environmental risks and logistics costs

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      At Bugfarms using our breeding system many discarded plant materials can be bioconverted into quality feed via a safe and effective process.

      Our proposal is based on the following key features:

      1. Breeding the soldier fly (Hermetia illucens)
      2. Territorial exclusivity
      3. Agistment agreement for the management of Bugsfarm breeding facilities
      4. Direct marketing of bioconversion products
      5. Remote control and management of installations and processes
      6. Use of available renewable energy sources


              Expression of Interest

              Insect breeding is a new market sector, with no historical data or companies with stable production and established technological models. A new world to be built: we give you 10 good reasons to become part of it.

              Why join the Bugsfarm network

              Because insect farming is an innovative, fast-growing agricultural sector

              To be part of the most authoritative community of agribusiness entrepreneurs

              To create new territorial value content

              To implement a circular economy programme based on added value, and not on taxes

              Because Bugsfarms are zero-impact enterprises

              Because the Network we propose is an advanced form of collaboration between companies

              Because the return on investment is very quick

              To play an active role in a fascinating opportunity for industrial and scientific growth 


              The goal is to set up in Italy a network of Bugsfarms to which, besides the Bioconverters, we will supply all the equipment for the complete management of the insects' life cycle and machinery to treat the substrates and produce the meals, soil improvers and process derivatives.

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